Developmental Editing

Developmental or structural editing is a long-term process at a macro-level.

Line Editing

Line or stylistic editing enhances the writing to ensure the intended message comes through

Copy Editing

The goal of copy editing is to polish your writing for publication.


This is the last step to catch errors in the print proofs.

Beta Reading

Your beta reader sees your work from another perspective.

Plot Review

Here is an overview of how well your plot works. Or do you need coaching for the whole process?

Editing your manuscript is a process. I’ll need a selection of your writing to offer an editing sample. Once I supply the quote, you provide a deposit. I will return your edited manuscript with all changes tracked so you can choose which ones you want to keep.

We exchange a writing sample for a quote
You decide to engage my services
I put you on my calendar
You receive your edited manuscript with changes tracked

18 years of Experience

Here is what I offer: experience, passion, knowledge, and a sincere desire to make your writing the best it can be.

I began in academia editing for professors. Now I enjoy editing for other genres. I love to learn and pursue ongoing professional development to serve you best.

“This would never have happened without you. Thank you for helping me write the vision.”​
“As a first-time author, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I sought out an editor to do a plot review. Fortunately, I found Rachel Hills, and I was delighted with her feedback. Rachel evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of my novel and gave me ideas on how to further develop the story through varied pacing and character development. From our discussions, I learned a lot about plot structure and outline that will be valuable to me in the future. Thank you, Rachel!”​
“Rachel Hills possesses a mastery of detail and a depth of perception that result in communication that’s clear, concise, and effective. She is truly a wordsmith! I recommend her work with enthusiasm!”​