My Introduction to Editing

Hills Headshot cWhile I worked as a research assistant to a professor at a large Midwest university, she tossed editing into the mix of my job responsibilities. She had to publish on a regular basis and she knew I was good with words. My skills included the basics, such as grammar and syntax, and I am detail-oriented by nature, so it was a natural fit to polish her writing and learn publishing style guides.

She referred other professors to me for their editing needs and I found my niche because I’ve always been a word person. I pursued training in editing because I found the work satisfying and wanted to offer the best work possible.

For 16 years I edited academic work but over time decided I prefer to edit fiction because of the power of storytelling. I began the transition not only to fiction but also to freelancing. Owning an editing business fit better with my desire to stay home with my children. With years of editing experience behind me, I still love to say editing is my passion. I find so much satisfaction in this work.

Learning is another passion so I pursue professional development by taking courses related to writing and editing, networking with other writers and editors, and reading. I still edit for academics but I find fiction done right has the power to transport the reader to another time, another place, and even another dimension.

More About Medesk-a

I love to write. My home is near Indianapolis, the “crossroads of America,” and here you see my my work space. My children are grown now and I take joy in two grandchildren. When I’m not combining fresh, whole foods into marvelous meals or struggling to learn the harp, I battle the weeds in my flower gardens.

Yard work can be tedious in hot weather. Have you ever noticed how a fresh breeze on a sweaty day brings a different perspective to the physical labor? This is what I bring to your writing project: the freshening wind of a professional viewpoint.

Professional Affiliations

Besides for a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, I hold a MediaBistro certificate in editing, which helped expand my editing world to include fiction and eBooks. I belong to the Editorial Freelancers Association and Copyediting-L and am pursuing a membership in the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.

What now?

Welcome to Cypress Wind. If you are ready for help to bring out the best in your writing, please check out the Services I offer.
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