Why you need an editor

Have you written something, published it, and then discovered content you can’t believe got past you? You know what you meant to say but that’s not what readers see.

Perhaps your work in progress lacks something but you don’t know what. You only know you need an editor to bring it to publishable quality.

How should you choose one editor over another? Do seek experience and training but also consider the fit with your writing.

What makes me different from other good editors

You have experienced the power of story. Think:

  • The Diary of Anne Frank
  • Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech
  • Steve Jobs and his iconic business.

These embody the power of story. Story moves us. If you have chosen the written word as your platform, then you know the power of story often drives the written word.

I have experience and training in the art of editing. But what makes me different from other good editors is bringing out the best of story in your writing while preserving your unique sound.

Storytelling affects the chemistry of our brains when we are gripped by the power of story. I assist you to make the best use of story so you can be confident your work is publisher-ready.

Every author has a unique voice. No one else can say it like you do. Whatever polishing needs to happen in editing, my goal is to preserve your voice. If issues are addressed carefully, your reader will want to finish this book — and your next. This is where I can help.

I edit several kinds of writing — academic works, memoirs, fiction, web pages, and blogs. As an editor, I want your writing to be of publishable quality and in your own voice.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why the name Cypress Wind

To me, editing is most effective when it mimics the wind. You cannot actually see the wind but you do experience it. Your readers won’t see professional editing but they will experience a good read, unmarred by distracting errors or ambiguity in the text.

This is the hallmark of good editing. Even your best writing will benefit from a different set of eyes to see things you overlooked.

The cypress concept comes from Isaiah 55:12-13. God made those promises personal to me. If you want to hear more, please write to me. I love the power of story.

The combination of the cypress and the wind is powerful, one that benefits you the writer.

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“Whoever tells the best story wins.”

~  John Quincy Adams